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You have an iPhone will find beautiful but sometimes annoyed by a number of features not satisfactory. Some of what we can turn it off completely but also the not always been off. In this article I will guide you how to tweak to reduce the inconvenience caused by the machine as well as optimize machine performance that brings.

Turn off the sound notification (Notification) 

If you are a gamer and a lot of games installed on the machine, it is definitely a jump up the Notification screen will constantly accompanied by the sound of this game. It's not pleasant at every two minutes if the machine jumped a notification. To turn off the sound, but still retain the notifications, go to Settings> Notification Center> Scroll down to choose the application you want to stop the alarm> in here you'll see Sounds> turn it off, then. Now you can continuously monitor the state of his game but will not be disturbed by the tone of it anymore.

Where are the old ringtones? 

iOS 7 is added so many new ringtones, old ringtones whole not losing that is put Classic section. You go to Settings> Sounds> select the tone, then the bottom of each list will have more ringtones Classic line, which you will see the whole of the old ringtones.

Enhanced anti-disturb function (Do Not Disturb) 

"Do Not Disturb" is a great function, it will turn off and the whole tone of the Notification, including the alarm calls and messages to ensure that you have some quiet time to really go to sleep or work. However, when you pull up bar Control Center and turn this function shows messages still appear repeatedly. Why? So by default, it only works when you lock it alone, even when you are working on the phone, surfing the web, watching movies or playing games, the messages, calls and spam messages are still flowing in the machine naturally and steadily.

Fortunately, iOS 7 allows us to refine this feature, go to Settings> Do Not Disturb> pull-down, select Always. When this anti-disturb function will operate continuously even if the machine is locked or not.

In addition you can also machine timer to automatically turn on and turn off this function by Do Not Disturb> press select and choose Scheduled start time in "From" and ends in "To".

Delete the message 

To delete a message, go to Messages> press and hold your finger on a message to delete about 2 seconds> select More> check the message you want to delete> finished click the trash can icon in the lower left corner of the screen. To delete an entire conversation that you also into Messages> clawed fingers up lines conversation should be deleted (swipe to the left), the Delete button will appear.

Swipe the screen to the left to see the time 

To see the time a message is sent to or sent out, you can simply drag the screen to the left of the screen, then the Message column will appear period, when let go, then hide it again.

Swipe up to hide the notification Notification 

New notification bar on iOS 7 annoying in that it takes up too much screen space, especially when the machine horizontally. Sometimes they are very dramatic game, then again it was the cover of this bar go take a big screen. Is there a quick workaround quickly but it is not permanent: the notification bar appears, you just stroked Notificaton bar from the bottom up, it will go away immediately, you do not need to wait until it disappear.

Using Twitter right in Safari browser 

Are you tired of having to switch between applications for Twitter and Safari do not read the news? If so, the following tips will help you be able to see Twitter very quickly right in Safari. You open up Safari, click the Bookmark button (next to last button under the toolbar) will see 3 cards, you click on the "@" after the same, this will appear in all of the Twitter that you're following that containing the link, click on the link it will open immediately. This method is faster than using Safari to go to and of course is much faster than switching to that app.

Folder no longer limited to 12 app 

The previous iOS 6 could only hold 12 apps in each folder. iOS 7 has removed this limit and we still do not know it can accommodate a maximum of how many, probably always infinite. If you find this to be limited to its report said okay :) :)

Animated wallpapers (Live Wallpaper)

iOS 7 supports animated wallpaper, wallpaper that is moving and you can apply on the Homescreen LockScreen outside and inside. You go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpapers> click on the screen and then select Dynamic animations to choose from. I am using this feature and feel the machine becomes so much nicer, do not worry because I did not drain the battery go see how much wear at all.

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5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that coveted HTC M8

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Whatever is the top smartphone rivals and the two horizontal transverse energy resources today but in the premium segment S5 Galaxy and HTC One M8 still have many differences. 

If M8 One owns many features that Galaxy S5 speakers absence as BoomSound, metal design class, ultra-sensitive screen on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S5 also equip weapons that rivals must envy .

1. The high resolution camera 

Although not all but some megapixel still is a key factor deciding the quality of camera phone photos. At least that's the conclusion cuaPhoneArena 4 megapixel camera compared UltraPixel One of the M8 with 16 megapixel camera of Galaxy S5. Although HTC has advertised its shooting technology, the fact remains the fact: the higher the resolution of the photograph S5 makes more detailed, sharper and more realistic.

2. Resistant 

Of course, do not mind the M8 One accidentally stick a few drops of water, but if you want to swim, why? Surely the answer is absolutely not. In contrast, the Galaxy S5, this demand is entirely feasible because technology has IP 67 against dust, just withstand a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Of course, manufacturers do not actively encourage you to test this feature, but when using psychological machine will definitely more comfortable.


3. Fingerprint Sensor 

Although not really swallowing and perfect but at least they still have S5 features a fingerprint sensor. Users can use this feature to lock / unlock the phone or authentication conduct procurement transactions through PayPal. True, not every time the S5 fingerprint scanner also scans accurate and it requires users to wipe their hands with moderate speed, not just touch, but nonetheless better than none.

4. Removable Battery 

History has demonstrated the lack of a removable battery is no big deal for most users. But with a technology savvy employers, the cost of removing / replacing the battery of the mobile devices can not really describe in words, especially if you regularly watch videos, play games as well as 3G networks / 4G in the day. However, monolithic metal chassis of the M8 One can not satisfy your needs.

5. Ports USB 3.0 

Admittedly, Samsung is the pioneer in the integration of USB 3.0 on smartphones. After Galaxy Note 3, the company has decided to support the new USB standard in Galaxy S5 and it is indeed a great news, because it enables high speed file transfer with more, faster battery charging through port USB computer. For comparison, M8 One stop with older USB 2.0 connection only.
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7 reasons to buy Nokia X

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Android app store rich, soft price, good quality hardware ... are three of the many advantages that attract tourists as Nokia X recently appeared on the smartphone market. 

High-end smartphone market began to saturate and cool the product is at the secondary segment is getting hotter. In particular, the first Nokia phone to run Android apps - Nokia X - is one of those models are attracting younger users. 

Good quality hardware 

Inheriting a reputation for quality of Nokia, Nokia X attention by hardware durability. Square design, powerful lines of the complete machine that far exceeds the standard price of an ordinary phone. 

At the launch event in New Delhi, representatives of manufacturers has shown incredible strength of this phone by dropping it from a height of 1.5 m. Equipment not only unharmed but steadily working as normal. 

Rich Android app store 

Nokia X has the ability to run applications of Android OS as smooth and does not require any manipulation side. In addition, more than 750,000 applications from 3rd party help users freely explore without having to go through the registration operation as complex as using Google Play. This advantage makes the fans love 

Plants vs. Zombies, Real Foodball, Jetpack Joyride ... is the application Nokia X users prefer. 

Here Maps and Mix Radio 

Nokia X application integration cult couple of Nokia's Mix Radio and Here Maps. 2 With this app, the music experience or finding new places to eat play of the young will become easier. Especially Here Maps can also work well even when the user is not online. 

Here With Maps, users will not have to worry about finding the road. 

In addition, the Nokia X is equipped with a wide range of applications being young love as Zalo, Line, Skype, Facebook, Twitter ... 

Microsoft's handy services 

Nokia X series owned utilities Microsoft (Outlook, OneDrive with 7GB of free storage) that were previously only available in the high range smartphones. This product has been made ​​to overcome the limits of a conventional phone entertainment to assist users in learning, work and leisure. 

Unique interface Fast Lane 

Fast Lane interface is integrated into the Nokia X helps users fast access to favorite activities with a single touch. It is also quite unique that many young people love and is a plus for this mid-range smartphone. 

Fast Lane interface helps users to access favorite activities with a touch. 

Internet access speed 

Thanks to the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core reputation, users can use the messaging app or social network access quickly from Nokia X. In fact, this phone is not only fast, but the load on facebook messages or images are not inferior to many high-end smartphones. In the context of a growing user demand for high participation in social networks, these advantages help Nokia X more prominent than the other mid-range phones. 

With the advantage of speed and Internet access social networking, Nokia X is becoming the choice of many young people. 

Price soft, large screen 

This product promises longer "hot" more in the future. 

Nokia X is priced lower than predicted by the experts with only 2.5 million. However, this phone owns a large screen to 4 inches, to meet the requirements of young users to surf the Internet, social networks or chat. Products now available in most mobile stores across the country and promises to be "hot" more in the future.

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Lumia 630 Rating: cheap phone, 2 sim, window phone 8.1

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In the smart phone trend is gaining consumer sentiment, led to the birth of the batch average price of the phone line, and are struggling to find a place in the technology market. Nokia also, once a storm in the tech world, but the trend is still to stiff competition. By launching Lumia 520 and 525 lines with very cheap price, and the magic has come up with Nokia, the Lumia 520 number turned upside in Vietnam. Following the successful launch that Lumia 630, Nokia also helped find the remaining aura of a brand that has eaten deep into the heart of the technology lover in Vietnam.

Lumia 630 launch followed the success of his men Lumia 520 

Located in the market segment average price of the phone, but the Lumia 630 from the early days on market shelves have heating technology. As the first smartphone Lumia phone running OS 8.1 Window under new boss backed by Microsoft. Together we find out what the Lumia 630 did for the revolution under Microsoft technologies:

Smoother handling with four processors. 

The Nokia Lumia products remained loyal to Qualcomm processor. Lumia 630 is built pretty strong processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 4 cores, running at 1.2GHz, with 512MB RAM and Adreno 305 graphics processor for the ability to be extremely efficient on Windows Phone operating system. Nokia Lumia 630 has 8GB of internal memory, support Micro SD card slot up to 128GB.

Windows Phone OS 8.1 

Nokia Lumia 630 is the first smartphone built for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 update added today. Therefore Lumia 630 will bring a lot of interesting features and changes wonderful experience for the user.

The first feature is the Action Center Action Center is a feature that is highly valued in Windows Phone 8.1 version. This feature helps to manage the notification system as well as 3rd party help machines operate efficiently. Furthermore, the Action Center feature helps enable rapid Lumia 630 features or use as Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth.
Secondly background own personality: Previously screens on smartphones running Windows Phone 8 is only allowed sorted Live Tile to small cells, but with version 8.1, users can also add new experience as wallpaper under Live cells. On the Nokia Lumia 630 you can also install your own wallpapers according to your personality and preferences.

On the Nokia Lumia 630 you can set your own background image according to your personality and preferences 

Finally, IE 11: sure you also know IE 11 on Windows version 8.1 with the ability to surf relatively smooth. But now Microsoft has integrated the Windows Phone version 8.1 browsers and Lumia 630 can already use. This feature may be helpful in improving the web browsing speeds and reduce data traffic for Smartphone users.
And 3rd to mention "virtual assistant" Cortana: Cortana or what is called "virtual personal assistant" is an interesting feature. Cortana listen to the words "order" of the user, then give or execute tasks on your phone, take out the appropriate information to the user context. Moreover, Cortana also track spending habits of computer users, synthesized and made ​​a number of proposals relating to an individual related to the time, weather, directions, entertainment information, can The Lumia 630 sports ... you can experience the "virtual assistant" Cortana great.

Lumia 630 supports virtual Cortana 

Lumia 630 2 sim phone first 

Besides the powerful processor, the Lumia 630 also features integrated 2 sim with new gadgets, and this is also the first phone 2 sim phone in the world Window.

Calling, texting, 3G sim Lumia 2 online but not at the same time, meaning that the waiting time is 2 sim connection at the same time, however, if there is one active sim the other sim will break away. However, the strengths of the Lumia 630 is the second sim support 3G connectivity. So you will be more flexible during use.
Control Software: As part quite important for people to be able to use 2 sim sim customize each be better. With 2 sim phone you can find the item in cellular + SIM settings. But the Lumia 630 you do not have much choice. Even on the same 3G Data option, you will choose to use 3G Sim Sim 1 or 2.

Lumia 630 features integrated 2 sim just convenient, saving 


Thus, in the cheap market segment, with prices under 4 million, the Lumia 630 has actually seize consumer sentiment due to strong performance, ultra-smooth configuration and features 2 convenience sim. Under the support of Microsoft, Nokia has found its shine back to the previous period. From the first day on the shelves so far, the Lumia 630 does not have moments of hypothermia, while consumption increased over turned. However, this is the beginning, not the final figure who can speak, but the Lumia 630 is expected to inherit the success of his men Lumia 520 and up in the smartphone market.
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The danger from car tires off "date"

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Those who use worn tires, all "date" will have a very high mortality risk when driving on wet roads, the slipping wheel will not receive control commands from the steering wheel. ... 

In fact, there were 4 people in the car were killed in a car accident occurred in February of this year in Louisiana, U.S., cause stems from an old car tires have been used for almost 10 years tear. There have been many questions posed to industry manufacturing tires, especially the legal age regulations used tires maximum. Traffic Safety Committee which is conducting a national survey to applicable laws relating to shelf life tires to reduce accidents caused by tire can be torn due date.

Car tire off "date" many dangers lurking 

Tires may lose safe even when it is worn a bit from the standard allows. According to some tests showed significant tire lost traction while to use it half the time prescribed by the manufacturer. And it becomes more and more ominous as we can not control how many tires out "date" is worn on the road.

A recent report by the highway department management National Highway Traffic Safety, said half of the 11,500 cars, pickup trucks, vans and sports cars are tested using worn tires to 50 %. And 10% more vehicles using less tire wear. These tires use all the "date" will have a very high mortality risk when driving on wet roads, because the tire grooves are not deep enough to drain duty tires. And the result is the slipping wheel will not receive control commands from the steering wheel. It is a nightmare to drive at the time of the coming rainy season like now.

Tires are considered worn out when one or more of the groove depth does not reach 2/32 inch, produced when the depth reached 10/32 inch and when it reached a depth of 1/32 inch (about 0.8mm), the manufacturer recommends they should be replaced. On the basis of inspection of tire wear is very easy to identify when the prefabricated metal bar will be placed at the bottom of the tire grooves, their thickness 2/32 inch. Because it can easily classify tires and alert their customers to fit new tires on the road standards. Unfortunately, the depth of 2/32 inch is not enough for you traffic on wet pavement.

Based on the results of in-depth tests, experts recommend that users should replace tires when the groove depth is only 4/32 inch.

Need car tires first "date" to ensure safety 

In addition, Sean Kane, a safety consultant working for a state bar associations in the U.S. and opposition to the tire manufacturer, told ABC: "Over long periods of use, tires loses its elasticity, and until they are replaced, check for dangerous levels that is already very alarming. "

Car manufacturers and tire warnings about the age of the tire. According to ABC News, GM, Ford, and Chrysler are advised consumers to replace tires every "date" after 6 years from the date of manufacture, while Michelin recommended shelf life tires in 10 years even when the tires are not used to.
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